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Creating a circular economy
This small, inexpensive aluminum can is an unbelievable treasure.
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Welcome to Melting Point

Giving a wonderful second life to a simple aluminum can

The melting point of aluminum is 660°C. As the aluminum can hits this temperature, it melts into a silvery liquid full of possibilities. Aluminum recyclers mold it into beautiful crafts, putting their skill and heritage together for an incredible piece of art.

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What We Do?

Recycling one can at a time

We want to make the world a little bit greener every day. It does sound like a massive goal to aim for, but we try.

How, you may ask? We help recycle one of the most commonly disposed metals, aluminum, and create unique beautiful pieces of art.

We saw that traditional brass workers have the mastery to take up aluminum recycling, so we finetuned the process. Now, we connect aluminum collectors and crafters together and help distribute their recycled aluminum crafts.


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The aluminum cans you discard are transformed into these beautiful crafts.

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Together, we give value to a simple can and a skillful craft

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Melting Point has had an exciting journey from the moment we started.

We loved meeting crafters and learning how they create art out of melted metal. We enjoyed talking to collectors and helping them finetune their efforts into a simple but effective process.

We were delighted to reach out to partners who started believing in the same cause.

It was fun taking the aluminum cans on the streets up to the 'melting point' for beautiful possibilities.

Here's how we did all of it.


aluminum to
the melting

Here's how we create the second (or the third and fourth!) life of aluminum, the green metal.


The Champion Trophy for LPL T20 2023

Lanka Premier League T20 2023 (LPL) was an incredible opportunity for us at Melting Point to craft the LPL Trophy and 24 “Man of the Match” trophies.

So we did, melting over 9000 aluminum cans..

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