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About Melting Point

Melting Point is a non-profit initiative that recycles and upcycles aluminum cans with the aim of creating a circular economy and sustainable environmental practices. We facilitate the collection of empty aluminum cans discarded after use and transport them to our factory, where our crafters melt thousands of aluminum cans and create innovative items of high value.

We have been able to partner many informal can collectors and other stakeholders in our journey towards systemizing the recycling of aluminum cans.

As a progressive entity in the aluminum recycling space in Sri Lanka, we are keen to connect with like individuals or businesses interested in what we do.

After all, we can only go so far by ourselves. The innovations we can create and the impact we can make on the planet will increase by a thousand fold with the support of those eager to make a change for the better.


To be the driving force in creating a circular economy in Sri Lanka


Inspire recycling and upcycling, toward a circular economy with sustainable business practices, that protect the earth, create livelihoods, and foster innovation

About Us
About Us

aluminum to
the melting

Here's how we create the second (or the third and fourth!) life of aluminum, the green metal.

Our Partners

Together, we give value to a simple can and a skillful craft